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8 Tips for Year-End Giving and Charity Donations


The holiday season is truly the season of giving. This is a great time to donate to a charitable organization! Charitable donations are a great way to reduce your tax burden while doing something for the greater good. If you are like most people, you are probably overwhelmed with the many choices available to support worthy causes - from cancer research to underprivileged children. Here are 8 tips to help guide you through the year end giving season and pick a great charity to support:


Get Started and Run for a Cause Today


If you are looking for an opportunity to turn your love for running or fitness into supporting a worthy cause, you might want to run for a cause. How you ask? We've compiled a few ways to get started towards raising funds to support medical missions to the underserved through Giving to Extremes.


Understanding What Happens During Medical Mission Trips


At Giving to Extremes, we're a charitable organization that provides funding for medical trips to provide surgeries to those in need. We're sure you are wondering what goes on during a mission trip and what we do while we are there. So, we've pulled together an overview of our mission trips to help you understand how we do what we do. 


Charity Auction Fundraiser Ideas


Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to raise funds for your cause? A great way to raise funds in a single night is to host a charity auction. There are many formats and ideas to implement, and we've compiled a list of potential ideas for you to consider for a fundraising event of your own.


How to find charities to support


If you are like most people, you are probably overwhelmed with the many choices available to support worthy causes - from cancer research to underprivileged children. So, how do you evaluate the many non-profits all seeking your time and money to find good charities to support? We've compiled a list of keys to finding organizations that are worth your support:


5 Great Reasons to Run the Monument Ave 10K


Whether you are looking for a PR or just a fun Spring run, the Monument Avenue 10K has everything you want! With over 40,000 runners, it is a big race with LOTS of activity. Here are some of our favorite things about the Richmond area race.


Reach Your Goals While Supporting a Medical Mission


As an active athlete, you probably set goals for yourself all the time. Training goals for your next half marathon. Time and distance goals for a 10K. Or even qualification goals to get to a big-time ironman event! It's all part of the accomplishment and part of the fun.


Support a Cause with Your Next 10K


Most runners will agree: running a 10K race is usually a lot of fun. Whether it's a small town race to celebrate spring, a large race during a festival, or a race to keep in shape for the next marathon, runners and spectators alike all enjoy a 10K.


3 Unique Office Fundraising Ideas to Start Today


There's old saying that giving is better than receiving. And it follows that having fun while doing good almost always makes the activity more enjoyable. Especially when it comes to office fundraising activities.