We help send medical teams to underserved countries across the world and provide surgeries that change lives. Our mission is to bring our supporters (you!) with us on this inspirational journey like never before.

Did you know?

About 11% of worldwide disabling conditions result from conditions requiring surgery. Yet, the poorest 35% of the world's population receives only 3% of all surgeries. Injuries, pregnancy-related complications, cancers, and birth defects comprise a large part of these tragic illnesses that can be treated with surgery. It is no wonder that, because of this, surgery has been called the "neglected stepchild of public global health"!

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Pregnancy-related illness

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For every woman who dies some twenty others face long-lasting consequences resulting from pregnancy. These women often face lasting physical, psychological, emotional, and social consequences.



Approximately 7.5 million people die of cancer annually, two-thirds of which are found in developing countries. Without help, another 80 million will die in the next decade. Sadly, these countries often lack the resources to diagnose and treat this increasing problem, which is many times amenable to surgery.


Delivering Surgeries

We send doctors and medical volunteers to underserved populations to deliver life-changing surgeries. We are also proud to support partner organizations in their surgical mission work throughout the world. One surgery at a time, we strive to help each of our patients regain the life that all of us deserve.


Delivering Education and Infastructure

Ensuring sustainability is the best way to tackle the enormous lack of surgical care that faces these populations. We give medical equipment to help build local surgical facilities. We provide education to help train local health care professionals so that they can treat people in need throughout the year. We also provide education in preventative care. The best way to truly treat surgical illness is to prevent it.


Delivering the story

True to our founding beliefs, we tell the story of each of our missions. Each trip is documented with its own webpage. Through photos, videos, patient interviews, and blog updates, we invite you on our missions. Come along on our inspirational journey!


A new type of fundraising

Easy and fun fundraising. Commitment-free. An ideal way to help change lives while doing things you already love to do. These all describe the GTE fundraiser, which allows you to set up a simple webpage in support or our missions. Simply pick a fundraising idea, set up your page, and promote it using email and social media. That's all it takes to change lives.

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A new type of support

Our commitment is to show you where your support goes by telling the inspirational story of our missions on our website. Our hope is to do even more to connect our fundraisers and our medical volunteers. Each mission has its own webpage updated throughout the trip - see the people you are helping as the mission unfolds and even send the medical volunteers messages of encouragement as they deliver surgeries. Join the GTE circle.


The GTE circle