Get Started and Run for a Cause Today

If you are looking for an opportunity to turn your love for running or fitness into supporting a worthy cause, you might want to run for a cause. How you ask? We’ve compiled a few ways to get started towards raising funds to support medical missions to the underserved through Giving to Extremes.


Find an Event 

Are you a seasoned runner with more race medals than wall space? Or, are you a beginner looking to get your feet wet looking for additional motivation to reach the finish line? Either way, you’re the perfect fit for Giving to Extremes. The first step to getting started is to find an event – it can be any event of your choosing from a local 5K fun run, marathon, or triathlon.

Start a Fundraiser

Through our website,, you can easily sign up to start a fundraiser in minutes. Create a personal fundraising page with your story, videos, and photos to start raising funds for life-saving medical missions in no time at all. Personal fundraising pages can accept donations easily and securely – leaving you with time to train and get ready for your event.

Promote Your Fundraising Page

Once your personal page is set up you can start sharing it with family and friends to let them know about your event and your cause. Send an email to everyone within your address book and share within social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to spead the word about your fundraiser and upcoming race.

By sharing your passion for running and fitness with Giving to Extremes you can run for a cause in no time. By creating a personal fundraising page and raising funds, you will be helping to provide much needed medical care and surgeries to those in need.