GSE Surgeons Set To Change Lives In Belize

A team of ten volunteers with Global Surgical Expedition will travel to Belize City on Saturday, May 14th, 2022 to complete upwards of 40 surgical procedures for urological and gynecological patients of this underserved country.

The week-long surgical mission will take place at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and include one full day of pre-screening consultations followed by four days of surgical operations based on the most critical cases identified.  Surgeries will be performed for conditions including pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, urinary retention, bladder stones, and kidney cancer, among others.

The team volunteering their services for this trip includes Drs. David Rapp, Timothy Bradford, Erik Grossgold, Mark Stoltzfus, and Mei Tuong. Additionally Brooke Nelson, CRNA, Melissa Gillespie, RN, Keith Lenhard, RN, Michelle Little, PT, and Jeanice Mitchell, PT will work together to prioritize critical surgical and physical therapy care to the women and men of Belize.

“The impact these otherwise standard procedures has on the patients we care for as well as their families is always life changing,” said Dr. Bradford, Urologist in Richmond, VA. “Thanks to the generosity of our donors as well as the Karl Heusner hospital team, Global Surgical Expedition delivers state-of-the-art surgical care in addition to bringing with us to Belize the essential medical supplies and medications that allow us to perform otherwise unattainable surgical procedures for these patients.”

With only one urology care provider serving the country of Belize, expertise is limited when it comes to various urological and gynecological conditions. Each $50 donation helps GSE fund another one of these life-altering procedures. For more information about the work the GSE team is doing in Belize, follow along on social.

Published on 13 May 2022