Success Stories

Complications of Childbirth

Ana and Maria suffered from pelvic prolapse, which is often called a “fallen womb”. Caused by damage related to childbirth, weakness to the pelvic support allows the pelvic organs to fall. Pain and disability follow. For some this prevents the activity of life, such as work, recreational activity, or intimacy.

Yoli lived with the disability of fistula. This devastating condition, often occuring due to difficult labor, results from severe pelvic damage that leads to a connection between the vagina and surrounding structures such as the bladder or colon. The outcome is tremendously debilitating — not only because of pain or urinary incontinence, but also because of the embarrassment and social isolation that often occur as well.

These three are faces of the many women who suffer from disability after childbirth. This is one of the biggest tragedies resulting from lack of surgical care because it is so easily treated. It is lack of access to basic obstetrical care that leads to these illnesses and lack of access to routine surgical care that prevents them from being cured. And, for this reason, helping each of these women to regain the life that she deserves is one of the biggest rewards.