Success Stories

The Story of Fistula

Often in remote villages with little access to obstretical care, a young, terrified women tries to harness the strength to bear the pain of a failed pregnancy. She and her family brave this and try to seek help. They usually start the long walk to the nearest medical help.


After days on foot, she arrives weak and dehydrated. She is told that her pregnancy is lost and removal of the stillborn fetus is performed. While struggling to deal with the loss of her child, she begins to leak urine. Leakage occurs continuously. She returns to her village. As she tries to move forward she struggles to hide her new illness. It is hard to hide the smell, to hide the wetness. Others notice. Social isolation begins. She becomes isolated from her community and often from her own family. She cannot work, participate in social gatherings, have intimacy with her husband. And the cycle worsens.

The story of fistula is far too common. And it is treatable with routine surgery that we take for granted. Please help stop this story!