Success Stories

Founded on the belief that stories of inspiration are everywhere, GSE strives to be a storyteller. Watch the stories of courageous patients and dedicated health care professionals coming together to achieve health and happiness. Join us on our journey and please enjoy these remarkable stories!

The GSE Story

The GSE story began in 2012 with a mission to provide surgeries to men and women in underserved nati Read More >

Urogynecology Trip, Rwanda

Watch the amazing story of GSE in Rwanda. Dr. Quinn Lippmann works to provide surgical training to m Read More >

Urogynecology Surgery Trip, Belize

An amazing week of surgery to help inspiration men and women in Belize suffering from devastating di Read More >

Urology Surgery Trip, Belize

Come along with our team and watch GSE's amazing journey to provide surgery in Belize! Read More >